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1, comfortable, and can take a long time
In addition to maintaining the body curve is good, a chair can never forget is to sit comfortably, but to sit comfortably, the cushion course is extremely important, so to keep the elastic deformation is not easy, and because muscle is very important to support the body, so the excellent natural to give your body the appropriate cushion support, which can reduce fatigue.

2, the seat must accord with human body curve of three degree curved surface
Surface type seat can increase the thigh and buttocks and the bottom surface of the chair seat contact area, so that the pressure evenly distributed, not focused on a certain point, and at the same time, because of the slightly inclined, also stabilize the pelvis effect, avoid sitting will slide forward, in addition, the seat design rich, also can reduce the knee medial produce friction and contact, is beneficial to health.

3, the matching degree of chair
At the time of purchase, if the chair with extra high, is buying opportunities are larger, for example, the chair can be with the body movement of the user and make a different adjustment, because the user may not be only a sitting position, if it is restricted to die, this chair is useless.

4, fast, light, accurate height adjusting device
Everyone needs to height is different, but because of the height of the table is fixed, so the chair can better adjust height, will become one of the important conditions, because the high chair will let users feet hanging in midair, compression is part of blood vessels, leading to blood circulation and poor posture, but too low the chairs will make contact with the body to reduce the pressure on the chair, all concentrated in the vicinity of the ischial tuberosity, thigh and trunk between small angle will oppression offal, the most important is, too low chair will make the desktop is too high, hands must be slightly lifting can be flat on the table, will the shoulder and arm pain. Generally speaking, the height adjusting device nowadays are pressure, easy to adjust, accuracy is high, when the choose and buy try sitting have a look will know.

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