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How to buy fabric sofa
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Cloth art sofa is the main ingredient is cloth sofa, with its rich colors, beautiful design, feel comfortable, exquisite materials, beautiful shape and popular, become the modern young people Home Furnishing preferred. So how to choose a stylish and durable fabric sofa? Here introduces some common sense to buy consumer.

A fabric sofa, classification
Cloth art sofa according to the material is divided into pure fabric sofa and sofa cloth binding. Pure fabric sofa sofa fabric is all the fabric; cloth sofa sofa fabric used in combination: cloth, leather, imitation leather.
On the basis of different styles, fabric sofa is divided into casual style and European style two. Leisure cloth sofa color rich, diverse styles, suitable for modern decoration style, is more popular among young people. European style of fabric sofa with European style, are generally modeled on the French, British, style design, in use must be matched with the overall decoration, there are limitations.

Two advantages, fabric sofa
1 impressions. Sofa fabric variety, color different, according to the house decoration style, select the most appropriate.
2 feel good. Cloth art sofa soft, warm, and the cloth different have different feeling.
3 selection. Can choose their own like cloth, use different color coat.
4 maintenance convenient. Cloth art sofa is easy to clean, remove to the dry cleaner to clean it.
5 low price.

Three, fabric sofa collocation knowledge
1 color
If it is spacious and bright, daylighting is good for large living room, red, green, square, bright color cloth art sofa; if the living room walls are using color paint or wallpaper, with plain fabric sofa will be more elegant; while the darker color sofa, striped sofa, it can create classical atmosphere.
The 2 space collocation
American and European style village style of fabric sofa frequently used Suihua or Gewen fabrics, to create a natural, warm atmosphere; Spanish classical style commonly used brocade and satin weave cloth with threads of gold, temperament 2290; Italy style is concise and easy, often very clear or very cold tone of the monochromatic cloth, unique personality. No matter what kind of home decoration style, can find the right fabric sofa styles to match.

Four, how to buy fabric sofa
1 see dimensions: first, the sofa size should be consistent with the requirements of ergonomics, with the physiological structure of the surface suitable for good; secondly, consider the space and the size of the furniture, so as not to buy the wrong size sofa.
2 consider the color of the sofa and style: when choosing sofa must consider Home Furnishing overall decoration style, or appear not harmonious.
3 see timber. The wood must be smooth, no bark, fracture, moth eaten, erosion, and vertical and horizontal, not circular bend.
4 see sofa frame structure is strong: the time of purchase can promote the sofa to the left and right sides by hand, if the feeling of a shake or rattle, explain the structure is not firm.
5 see sofa details are perfect. Such as cloth art sofa, sponge ball surface is whether there is elastic, wrap cloth pattern is stitching, sewing stitch is uniform and straight and tight. In fact, it is these details reflect the sofa manufacturer's quality management consciousness and level, so it should be paid more attention.
6 see fabric: good sofa should be the natural environmental protection and no smell. If the sofa have a pungent smell, is definitely inferior cloth.

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