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Cloth art sofa is how to maintain?
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Vacuum A. at least once a week, with particular attention to the removal of dust between the fabrics

B. such as the cushion can turn over conversion, answer to retroflexion every week, make wear uniform distribution
C. stained with dirt, wipe clean dishcloth Zhanshui available, in order not to leave print, had better wipe from besmirch periphery. Velvet furniture cannot touch water, should use dry clean agent
D all the cloth sleeve and Bush should be cleaned with dry clean, do not wash, no bleach
E. if discover thrum loosens, not a hand out, using scissors and cut flat

First of all, usually available dry towel flapping, vacuum at least once a week. Should be regularly for cloth sofa cleaning, preferably once a week if, sofa armrest, seat easy to dirty, should look at the top with the sofa towel or large towel. The arm of the sofa backrest and gap, must also be taken into account, but with the vacuum cleaner, do not use the brush, to prevent the destruction of textile cloth weaving lines become fluffy cloth, but also to avoid large suction aspiration, which may lead to woven lines break, consider using a small vacuum cleaner to clean. In addition, the degree of wear-resistant than fabric sofa leather sofa, it is best to avoid sitting in the same position. If found loose end of a thread, do not hand it snapped, apply neatly scissors to cut flat. If the removable cushions, had better retroflexion every week, make wear uniform distribution.

Secondly, a year with cleaning agent cleaning sofa once, but after the cleaning agent must be thoroughly washed, otherwise the dirt more easily infected. The best choice of special cleaning agent containing antifouling agent.
Fabric sofa in general can be cleaned. Elastic sleeve which might at home, washing machine cleaning, large-scale cotton or linen jacket can get to do laundry. Smoothing jacket should pay attention to some elastic iron free jacket is easy to do, even if the iron is to consider the appearance of the cloth, and thus more appropriate for ironing the inside jacket, cotton jacket is not ironing.

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